Allianz Virtual Reality Events and Activations


Here at Virtual Reality Rentals we love to showcase virtual reality to people. The majority of people still have not experienced high-end virtual reality here in South Africa and it is always a privilege for us to be the ones that introduce VR to South Africans for the first time.

This is some of the pictures that we took during an activation / event for Allianz. The idea was to provide them with content or a game that fitted their theme "Winter wonderland". We decided to let people play the snow fortress game. The snow fortress game is set in a snow environment, where you need to build a fort using ice bricks. You then fight against an opponent and see if you can through him/her with snow balls. The Snow Fortress game is a multi-player game which enabled us to let two people play against each other.

VR Rental in South Africa

Our company virtual reality rental is a South African based virtual reality company. We specialize in the rental of VR Headsets. We have one of the biggest inventories of Virtual Reality equipment ranging from entry level mobile virtual reality devices to the Samsung Gear Virtual Reality headsets and Samsung S7 smartphones to the High-end HTC Vive VR systems. We also have professional technicians and activation staff to assist with events and brand activation's.


Two employees enjoying the HTC VIVE Virtual Reality activation

vr rentals events

One of the Allianz employees playing in the HTC VIVE at the event


The HTC VIVE is a high-end Virtual Reality system that allows you to play Virtual Reality games. The HTC VIVE base stations track your movements in the Virtual Reality space and provides room-scale VR. This means that players can move around in the room, while at the same time move in Virtual Reality. The HTC VIVE is known to not cause nausea which is typically experienced when doing fast movements in lower-end virtual reality systems. The HTC VIVE is a consumer ready virtual reality system and at the time of writing this article it was in our opinion the best commercial available Virtual Reality device.

If you are planning to rent the HTC VIVE Virtual Reality system, you are more than welcome to contact us for a full demonstration of how the HTC VIVE could be used for your next team-building event or brand activation.